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Help your employees find a doctor, health care professional, or facility. Use this flyer to offer tips on how to use The Alliance Online Provider Directory to find a provider by name, location, or medical condition. There are also tips on how employees can personalize their directories and do more with their results, such as comparing providers and finding directions to provider locations.



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Employer Resource Center

For your Organization:
Helping you build a healthier business.
Along with informing employees on ways to lead a healthy life, the Employer Resource Center can help an organization's well-being. From this site, you can generate reports that give you a clear-cut understanding of your health care costs. You'll also learn about evolving methods for using health promotions and innovative plan designs that will add to the long-term health of your organization.

For your Employees:
Information for a happier, longer life.
Knowledge is a critical tool for everyone’s health. With the Employer Resource Center, you'll have access to fun-filled health facts and in-depth articles and reports. Altogether, a wealth of health information – right at your fingertips.

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American Benefits Council Health Care Reform Conference Calls:

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current month topics
bullet Cataract Awareness Month
bullet National Immunization Awareness Month
bullet Psoriasis Awareness Month
bullet World Breastfeeding Month  



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The Alliance recently marked the six month anniversary launch of its newly designed Employer Resource Center. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to check it out and are implementing some of the great information posted here. We'd like to continue improving your experience using this online tool and would appreciate your feedback.
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